Content is failing on some of the System Center Distribution Points

Here we will identify which packages are failing on which distribution points and resolve the issue.



12/19/20234 min read

I'm in the process of building 30+ Distribution point for a domain consolidation project. I'm working with multiple teams where very few people have access to all infrastructure components. That being said, I am relying on others to do their portions to make sure that I can complete my MECM related tasks.

My first step is always going to my trusty scripts. This is one of the reasons why i started this site. I have so many programs and scripts I've put together over the years, that I feel i need to share. I'll start with the full code for those that want to skip the small talk.

or if you want to use the old fashioned method you can just look at the logs.

Go here <Driveletter>:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs

  • PkgXferMgr.log - Records the actions of the SMS_Executive component that is responsible for sending content from a primary site to a remote distribution point.

  • distmgr.log - Records details about package creation, compression, delta replication, and information updates. It can also include other activities from the distribution manager component. For example, installing a distribution point, connection attempts, and installing components. For more information on other functionality that uses this log, see Service connection point and OS deployment.

  • DataTransferService.log - Records all BITS communication for policy or package access. This log also is used for content management by pull-distribution points.

Let's break down this SQL script for you...

Hopefully you're familiar enough with Sql Management studio to know how to use the code. If not. get the latest version somewhere around here.

First thing you need to do is change the site code to match your site code

  • Set @SiteCode = 'ABC'

After this one change you can run it as is and get results on all your DP's and failed 'stuff'.

We have 4 other variables in the script and they're designed to accept partial names

  • @MyDP - What distribution point are we looking for?

  • @myapp - What package or application are we looking for?

  • @myts - What task sequence are we looking for?

  • @myPkgId - What Package is missing?

    • ***NOTE*** If you only want items referenced in a task sequence, then you'll need to change this line in the where clause:

      • and (pp.Name like '%' + @myts + '%' or pp.Name is NULL)

      • and (pp.Name like '%' + @myts + '%') -- or pp.Name is NULL)

  • @myscope - When you're digging through the logs and need can't identify the package name, but you can find the application scope

Once you've set your variables you will see results similar to these below. Most of the time you can just redeploy the content using the PowerShell script in the PS column.

Here is an example script output

My process is to copy the related scripts and paste it into Powershell_ise, highlight all the code and click the run selection button or hit F8

For this site I am having multiple issues that I'll resolve.

Issue:Failed to validate the package on the distribution point. The package may not be present or may be corrupt. Please redistribute it

Resolution: Run the script from the PS field and it will redistribute this content on the distribution point in question.

Issue: Failed to install distribution point

Resolution: This one is more complicated.

first I need to make sure the server is online and run my simple make ready script.

Using SysQueryPro I will scan for the system, then execute my prep script

Once the script has completed I Double-clicked on the row with the server to remotely connect to it.

This particular server apparently had been shutdown improperly and was waiting for a reason code. I closed that screen and monitored the logs.

From this error I can tell IIS was having an issue being configured. I am running the command via powershell to install IIS on the server. The following command is all run in one line.

Within 1 minute SCCM finished configuring and content started downloading.

Issue: Failed to initialize NAL

Resolution: The server is inaccessible. I have a network issue in this part of the world and cant get to the server. I'll have to wait for the local ISP to resolve their issue before I can resolve mine.

Start with this log on the distribution point.


for this system we are getting this error - ConfigureIISModules failed with error - 0xffffffff